Relationship Counseling

Relationships with others are our greatest challenge. Relationship therapy or marriage counseling can be the answer to finding common ground and making it work and feel good again.

If you and your significant other are struggling to understand each other, confronted with life issues that feel overwhelming and as a result your left feeling alone or shut out, or if an extra marital affair has presented it self in your relationship, and you want to work on improving and resolving your differences, therapy can help.

Arguing does not solve anything and as you probably already know, it further breaks down communication, increases frustration and feelings of being trapped, misunderstood, and alone. Healing wounds and bridging the gap between the two of you is the primary focus of therapy. This is accomplished by improving communication, finding common ground and improving coping skills.

Ideally it is learning to listen correctly to your partner and them to you, learning to stop being in reactive mode and be in creative mode. Create your life together instead of just reacting to one another, move forward out of the circular pattern you two may find yourselves caught in and last but definitely not least, communicate! Instead of communicating what you do not want communicate what you do want. Do not expect someone to know or see what you need, tell them what you need. How many times have you said something to the affect of, "but can't they see???" No, they can not see it the way you do, no matter how logical or obvious it may seem to you, everyone has different experiences that have formed their reactions or non-reactions to others. What one person may think is considerate behavior may seem like a slap in the face to the other person. This is just another form of miscommunication.

Therapy can help and it can save your relationship and make it even better than you may of thought possible.

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