Get Focused!

Are you always losing things, having difficulty focusing, feeling distracted, unable to complete projects or remember important events?

Are you feeling stressed as a result of the struggle to try and keep up?

The challenges of coping and managing the symptoms of ADHD/ADD can feel overwhelming, extremely frustrating, and can also cause other symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem,low self-worth, and difficulties, in which, relationships can also be challenging.

Our 4-step therapeutic approach to ADHD addresses all of the problematic feelings and results of coping with this disorder, by first identifying what are the negative false beliefs a person has about themselves, as a result of the ADHD. This step frees a person up to enable them to redefine how they see themselves, their efforts, and their shortcomings. What we think about ourselves can and does limit a person's ability to grow.

Second, identifying the social aspects of having ADHD, for example, those who struggle with ADHD may find that throughout their lives they have been labeled, as irresponsible, rude, and self-centered, due to the impulsive and forgetful aspects of ADHD.

Third, we will dissect your daily activities and responsibilities and organize them in a way that minimizes forgetful behavior. You will be introduced to organizational tools and new patterns of behavior.

Fourth, we will address your ADHD nutritionally. There are many changes a person can make in their diets to minimize the effects of distractibility, hyperactivity, low concentration, and impulsivity.

All in all, if you are feeling stuck in your life, overwhelmed, disorganized, and unable to clarify your goals, there is help and you do not need to struggle through these obstacles alone. Let a professional coach you through this difficult area.

Be Your BEST Self and Feel Truly Alive!

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