Auto Trauma Recovery
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         Have you or a loved one suffered injuries from an auto accident?  Has your life been altered and your having difficulty adjusting to your new limitations?  Are you afraid to drive or be driven?  Has the accident left lasting fears, anxiety, guilt or grief in it's wake?  Full Circle Behavioral Health, PC can help with all of these issues as well as any post traumatic stress you or your loved one may be experiencing.  

         We offer in-home or in-facility therapy to accommodate those with mobility or recovery issues with auto related claims.  We also facilitate the arrangement of payment with the auto insurance companies.  For those without mobility issues we provide a warm, serene, and safe environment that is wheelchair accessible at our office in West Bloomfield, MI.

          Our therapeutic approach empowers a person to have the needed tools to work through triggers of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, and grief, as they occur giving the client much needed peace of mind that they will be able to manage their feelings and their lives once again.  

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