Substance Abuse

Are you struggling with substance abuse from cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol, or prescription drugs? Is your family, relationships, or career being affected by these choices? Were you arrested for a DUI or DWI? Are you feeling out of control and hopeless?

There is help available and we can assist you in identifying your triggers to use, in creating a prevention plan, and in identifying the emotional reasons you began to use initially. This process enables you to heal the beliefs, reasons, and aspects of your self that you were masking with your addiction. In addressing the initial area of hurt we are working together to enable you to heal the aspects of your self that have been wounded. You are healing the source of the problem, not just the result of the problem.

Addiction is painful and can be a lifelong struggle. Are you willing to step off of the self-destructive wheel that is addiction? Are you ready for a new life free of substance abuse?

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