The Wonders Of Essential Oils

       What's so wonderful about essential oils? EVERYTHING! Essential Oils have amazing therapeutic qualities.  The possibilities are endless.  They are the most impressive little powerhouses that I have discovered, so far, in nature. I'm so impressed I could go on and on and I probably will.

     Are you suffering from an ailment and have found little to no relief from conventional medicine?  Are you frustrated by the side effects of medication?  Are you seeking a more natural way of living, including beauty, cleaning, dietary, and health products?  Even perhaps to create your own household and beauty products?

     Within these pages you will find an abundance of information on the uses, chemistry, distillation, and traditional therapeutic benefits of essential oils, along with recipes to create your own beauty, aromatherapy, medicinal, and food items.  

     Have fun and be prepared to be amazed at the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your life!

      Have you chosen to embark on a journey toward better health and cleaner living? Using essential oils is one of the best ways you can make those improvements.  For centuries, essential oils of plants have been used for their mysterious healing properties. Garnet Blue Creation Oils are pure, concentrated, volatile essences, which are naturally present in plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, grasses, roots, etc.  Unfortunately, When synthetic drugs were invented, the use of plants & herbs for their therapeutic properties declined. Fortunately, in the last couple of decades, there has been a reawakening to the powerful uses of Mother Nature's medicine cabinet. There are a myriad of health benefits to using 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic essential oils.

     They help to protect the body, boost the immune system, revitalize the mind and influence your mood, without the negative side effects commonly associated with synthetic drugs. For example, you will find it hard to find someone suffering from a Lavender addiction or side effects.  

     Here are clear and concise materials that have been put together to enable you to better educate yourself on the use, benefits, and creation of essential oils.  The better educated you are, the better your life can be as you bring your environment back to a natural, rather than synthetic, nature.

(This information is provided for informational purposes only. It is not approved by the FDA nor is it provided in order to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injured condition of the body. Garnet Blue Creations assumes no responsibility for such use. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or health care provider.)

Our Mission

     At Garnet Blue Creations, our mission is to provide exceptional therapeutic, unadulterated essential oils at an affordable price.  Dedicated to the quality and purity of our product, we purchase our oils from around the world and only accept those meeting strict quality guidelines.

     Our oils are tested with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry - GC/MS testing -, which means we test which molecules are present in a sample, and check them against a recognized standard. Through this testing, we find any impurities or chemical fertilizers, and discover whether or not the oils have been diluted or adulterated in any way, if they have we don't purchase them. We only sell 100% pure, therapeutic, unadulterated essential oils.

Garnet Blue Creations is an internet-based supplier of 100% Pure, Therapeutic, unadulterated essential oils and blends.  We offer an altenative to other methods of distribution.  There are no membership fees or minimum amounts the customer is required to purchase.  Basically we are a retail store on the internet where you buy as often as you need, and as much or as little as you need.  You will generally receive your oils within 3 to 5 business days if you live in the USA.  We also have very affordable shipping rates.  We do ship to Canada.  However, expect your order to take approximately three weeks since it has to go through customs and the Canadian Postal Service.  

     Here at Garnet Blue Creations, we strive to find the highest quality essential oils from around the world. We work with small farms that grow the plants organically and then distill them properly (low temperature and no/low pressure). A plant grown in the "proper" part of the world will produce superior quality essential oil. 99% of our essential oils are either certified organic (we have the certification on file), organically grown (grown organically but not certified, some countries do not offer this certification), or wild (grown by nature). The select few that are not are due to chemical fertilizers. These few will be replaced once a higher quality, cost effective replacement can be grown.

     We know there are many people and company's out there who say they offer high quality oils, but they simply are not of the best unaduterasted therapeutically advantageous oils. To help you feel confident in our oils we are offering a 100% guarantee. If you are not happy, simply return it within 30 days and we will refund any unused portion. We are very confident that you will love our oils.  In an effort to grow and improve we always welcome feedback. Please email us at, or write us with comments, suggestions or ideas for new products or product lines you would like us to carry. You are a valued customer and we are interested in your opinion.

Garnet Blue Creations 

A full Spectrum of wellness

How To Use Your Essential Oils

     One of the greatest benefits of using pure essential oils is that you are giving your immune system a boost in combating the diseases and pollutions we have to face in this compromised world we live in. Prevention is always better than a cure.  Why get sick or age prematurely if there are ways to aid in avoiding those potentials?

     Essential oils can be used a couple of ways.  It can be absorbed into the body when massaged into the skin.  Essential oils are quickly absorbed into the pores. From there they move rapidly through the cells and are diffused into the bloodstream.

      Secondly, when the scent is inhaled, it enters the nose, moves to the lining of the lungs, where it is then also absorbed into the bloodstream.  An important thing new users need to remember when using essential oils: in their pure and unadulterated form, they are extremely potent! Because of that, you should only use 1 or 2 drops at a time. When applying to the skin, always dilute with a carrier oil. Use 1 or 2 drops of essential oil with a small amount of carrier oil. Put on a cotton ball or round, and apply to a small portion of skin first to see how you react. Experiment on how much you can handle. You can always add more essential oils as you learn how to gauge your body's reaction.  If you are treating a specific area like a rash, sore muscle, or an open wound, apply the oils to the problem spot. If you are using the oils for mental, physical and/or general well-being, there are other areas to apply them.  One of the best areas of your skin for applying oils for quick absorption is the bottom of your feet. Yes, the bottom of your feet. Sounds a little strange but because of the nerve endings, the benefits are carried into the bloodstream very quickly. If you want to try it out, take a garlic clove and rub it on the bottom of your foot. Within 15 minutes, your breath will smell of garlic.  

     Other areas are the base of the throat, inside elbows and knees, and the nape of the neck. You will want to experiment to find what works best for you.There are several ways to inhale the scent of the oils. The easiest is to just open the bottle and sniff. However, it isn't always the best thing to do when you are working or driving. At home, you can easily scent your home by boiling some water, pour it into a coffee mug or small bowl and drop 3 – 20 drops of the essential oil into the water. Through the heat and the steam, the scent of the essential oil will quickly permeate a small room.You can also buy an inexpensive, fine mist spray bottle. Fill with water, put in several drops of the essential oil, and shake vigorously. Set the spray to as fine a mist as you can and spray the air of the room, carpet, and cloth furniture. This also works great in a car. Always shake the bottle before spraying. (Note: Not to be used on hardwood floors, leather furniture or painted walls.)For the purists who do not wish to change the chemical components or frequency, we have a variety of diffusers available on our website 

     Some other suggested uses: Rub a little peppermint on your temples to help relieve a headache (keep away from eyes)Put an equal mix of Lavender and Tea Tree on a rash.  Sandalwood helps soften skin, Sandalwood and Lavender each work well as a deodorant by putting 10 - 12 drops of favorite oil or synergy on a 100% cotton cloth and put under the seat in your car, or putting 1 - 2 drops of Lavender or Patchouli on your pillow can help you sleep.  Citrus oils will energize the room by putting several drops of your favorite oil or synergy into final rinse of laundry.  Peppermint and Rosemary help clear the air of a musty room, and just 4 - 5 drops of Lemon run down the drain of the kitchen sink will help eliminate odors.

      As always, if you are unsure or are new to the use of an oil, it should be used with a carrier oil. (For more ideas, please see the articles on our website.)As you begin your use of essential oils and plan out what to try next, find out which ones you will like the best. Knowing which ones you will like is very important. Think about what scents are your favorites, whether they are citrus, flower, wood, herbal, etc. Think about how they make you feel, whether you feel energized, relaxed, rejuvenated, sad, happy, etc. If you can, go and smell the actual plants, trees, or fruits. If you don't already have them, go and buy the oils whose scent will support you in feeling happy.  Now that you have begun this wonderful journey, experiment. Have some fun with your oils. Try different things to see how they make you feel. Read up on your oils and get to know their properties. But most of all, have fun.

Carrier Oils

Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they need not always be used directly on the skin. Often it is recommended that the essential oil is added to a carrier. A carrier oil is a cold-pressed vegetable, nut, or seed oil that may have some therapeutic properties of it's own. Some most commonly used carrier oils are: Fractionated Coconut Oil (F.C.O.), Jojoba, and Olive Oil.  There are two reasons for using carrier oils. One is to put a small amount of essential oil across a large surface of skin. The other is to lessen the intensity of "hot" oils. In their natural form, essential oils are very strong and potent.  

     Anyone new to essential oils and their uses should mix them with a carrier oil before applying them to the skin. A simple formula is 1 – 2 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil, with the spice oils—Clove bud, Cinnamon Bark, Thyme, etc.— Anywhere between 5 –15 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil with the others. Many experienced users often do a mixture of 50/50, but this is only after they understand how the essential oil will react to their body.  An important point to remember: if an essential oil is too hot or causes an allergic reaction (this rarely happens), never use water to wash or dilute it. (The water traps the oil and drives it against the skin and it can burn you even more.) Always use a carrier oil to wash the effected area. The carrier oil will dilute the essential oil and cause slower absorption. This will diminish or stop the burning effect while still giving you the therapeutic benefits you seek.

     After you have applied enough carrier oil to stop the reaction or burning, you can then use soap and water to wash it all off.  We have a large selection of essential oil blends, which are already mixed with a carrier oil. For almost all people these oils are ready to use straight from the bottle. These blends were created with specific purposes in mind. The synergies created by blending specific oils together can produce more powerful results. We suggest you try some of blends until you are ready to create your own.  

Suggested Supplies

Our recommended list of essential oil supplies is in three levels, depending on your economic level and how much you want. (These are suggestions only. Change them as you need to suit your own tastes and desires.) 

Hesitant and/or very little money start with: Lavender ($19.00), Peppermint ($16.00) and/or Lemon ($10.00).

Also include, one carrier oil, 8oz. F.C.O. ($18.00), 8oz. Jojoba ($28.00) or Olive Oil (Make sure it is a cold press, pure oil with no synthetics).

Start me strong but don't break the bank Basic Health Kit ($134.40), and an 8oz. Bottle of F.C.O. ($18.00)

Basic Health Kit ($134.40), Nebulizer ($79.99), and add Tummy Rub ($19.50), Relieve Me ($31.50) and Quiet Moments ($20.50).

Full immersion, I want it all! Complete Blends ($1217.20)* or Singles ($1,907.60)* kit, a carrier oil ($18.00 - $28.00) and Nebulizer ($79.99)

Ultimate Kit ($2,929.50)* and Nebulizer ($79.99)
Once you have your supplies, you can begin. Take your time. Enjoy yourself.

*Discounted prices* for kits
** Please check web site or call for current prices. 

Glossary of Terms

Adulterate:To mix synthetic oils and/or alcohol with 100% pure essential oils, which dilutes the essential oil and destroys its therapeutic properties.

Aromatherapy:Generic term that refers to any of the various traditions that make use of essential oils in combination with other alternative medical practices and spiritual beliefs. (Note: be careful when buying oils labeled as "Aromatherapy Oils" because they quite often are not 100% pure.)

Blend:Mixing essential oils with a carrier oil.

Essential oil:A concentrated, volatile liquid extracted from aromatic herbs, plants or trees. The oil is "essential" in that it carries a distinctive scent, or essence, of the plant. Generally extracted by distillation.

Extraction:How the essential oil is obtained from the source. Sometimes referred to as distillation.Hot:Oils which cause a red, burning irritation on the skin when used neat. Some of these are the spice, mint and citrus oils.Neat:Undiluted.Synergy:An undiluted mix of two or more essential oils.Therapeutic Grade:May be used to aid healing, energy, and enhance mood.Volatile:Easily evaporated at normal temperatures.Back to top

Methods of Extraction

Almost all of our oils are distilled using low temperature and low pressure steam distillation. The few exceptions are hydro distilled, cold pressed, and absolute extraction.
Steam Distilled: The most common method of extracting an essential oil from the plant is through steam distillation. Low temperature and low pressure play an important part of collecting the highest quality essential oil. When plant matter is placed into a chamber and steam is injected, the plant's essential oil is released into the air. The steam and essential oil are carried out of the chamber and cooled. The oil and water are then allowed to separate for collection. Using a higher temperature and greater pressure will allow a larger amount of oil to be released from the plant. The scent will remain intact, and possibly stronger, but the quality of the oil will suffer greatly. Oils distilled at higher temperature and pressure for the fragrance will not perform like therapeutic quality oils distilled at low pressure and low temperature.

Hydro Distilled: This means the plant is distilled using water rather than steam. The plant matter is placed in a chamber filled with water, which is then heated until the oil is released. This extraction process produces a superior quality essential oil, but it also is quite a bit more labor intensive and therefore more expensive.

Cold Pressed: Simply put, the essential oil is pressed from the plant. This is the most common method of extraction for the citrus oils. The peel of the citrus plant is pressed and the essential oil is then filtered from the plant matter. While this method uses no heat and therefore produces a superior quality essential oil, there are a few drawbacks to this extraction method. With the pressed citrus oils there are microscopic amounts of peel and waxes. These parts of the plant will begin to break down and give you a short shelf life. On average you can expect a shelf life of 1 to 2 years from your pressed oils while the other extraction methods will extend the shelf life for many years, if stored properly.

Absolute: This method uses a solvent or chemical to extract the oil. Once the oil is extracted, the chemical is then removed from the oil. An oil that is extracted as an absolute will always have some of the chemical remaining. A high quality absolute will have less than 1% of solvent remaining. Some plants, like Jasmine for example, will only give up their oil using this extraction process. Therefore there is no such thing as Jasmine essential oil but there is Jasmine absolute.

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